Offer the self-funded solutions your clients want

APA helps you give clients choices that meet their needs. Customized plans, increased cost control and an improved member experience mean you can be confident in what you offer.

Offer the self-funded solutions your clients want

Not all TPAs are created equal

Healthcare is the second highest operating expense for most businesses, yet
employers using traditional health insurance have little control over their spending.
Self-funding your health plan gives you increased control and transparency into
how your healthcare dollars are being spent.
You can depend on our team of experts and robust processing structure to deliver the
personalized support that will make your job easier. Partnering with APA means you
have the information and tools needed to serve your clients quickly and efficiently.

Be a Partner Broker

And max out your benefits with us.


Our in-depth knowledge and experienced team help you navigate the world of healthcare plans.



We focus on the day-to-day management of your clients’ benefits plans, so you can focus on relationships.


We’ll meet your customers’ unique requirements, and keep you updated with pertinent reports and analytics.



A dedicated Account Manager is your primary contact and prompt assistance is provided by our larger support team as needed.

Looking for a partner who
understands your world?

You’re in the right place.

Your helping hand in healthcare.

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