Why self-funded?

Turn the tables on healthcare costs

Self-funding your health plan puts you back in
the driver’s seat.
Did you know that more than half of American workers are covered by a
self-funded health plan?*
As businesses grow weary of rising premiums year after year, they’re turning
to self-funding to take advantage of cost-containment opportunities that
aren’t available with fully-insured plans.
* Kaiser Family Foundation, 2021 Employer Benefits Survey
Turn the tables on healthcare costs
Healthcare is the second highest operating expense for most
businesses, yet employers using traditional health insurance have little control over their spending.
Self-funding your health plan gives you increased control and transparency into how your healthcare dollars are being spent.

When you choose self-funding with APA…

Say goodbye to costly traditional insurance premiums and say hello to improved
profitability with your new and improved health plan.
Experience a world where you pay only for claims actually incurred by members,
with APA handling the details.


Elects a self-funded health plan for their employees with APA as the adminstrator


Incurs a healthcare service that generates a bill


Audits and reviews the claim and completes processing for provider reimbursement

You enjoy:

Increased Flexibility

Get your healthcare plans customized
to align with the unique needs of your
employees and your business.

Enhanced Cash Flow

Increase your cash flow by paying only for the healthcare benefits members incur. Retain access to plan funds longer and reduce the costs of the plan.

Tax Reductions

Benefit from unique tax exemptions on
claims of self-funded health plans. This
can equal significant savings since claim
costs account for the majority of total plan costs.

Revenue Management

Optimize your plans and revenue cycle by monitoring plan efficiency, identifying major costs, and implementing necessary improvements.

Reduce Waste

Watch savings go straight to your bottom line with claim auditing that minimizes overcharges, errors and excessive waste. As claim amounts and plan charges go down, cost-savings go up.

Fewer Regulatory Mandates

Reduced state regulations for self-funded benefits plans means more freedom of choice and cost savings for you, while still meeting federal law compliancy regulations.

Reduced Risk

Stop-Loss insurance protects you from catastrophic expenses by covering claims above a certain amount. Your financial liability and risk is reduced.

Data Driven Decisions

Access to detailed claim and utilization data gives you the power to analyze trends and costs that can drive smart plan design adjustments and strategies.

Improved Autonomy

Experience more control and understanding of your health plan than you may have thought possible. Manage your health plan the best way -- the way you choose.

Self-Funding vs Fully Insured

The details that make self-funding the right choice

Self-Funded Plan

Fully Insured Plan

Can you benefit from self-funding?
Let us help you find out.



 Employer Groups

moved to a self-funded healthcare plan with APA in the past two years.

Your helping hand in healthcare.

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