APA structures your healthcare coverage for maximum
effectiveness and efficiency. Our comprehensive
administration services, such as proven and efficient
processes for claims review and processing, will benefit
you every step of the way.
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Serving Your Health Plan

Look to APA to bridge the team players of your self-funded health plan solution. Whether it’s a request for plan performance analytics, a member seeking guidance on a healthcare bill, or a provider requiring eligibility data, APA has it covered.

Custom-built Plans

APA designs a healthcare plan tailored to the uniqueness of your organization, evaluating and understanding your organization’s structure to identify the best plan for your needs.

Cost Regulations

Our in-house cost-containment team analyzes and evaluates vital coverage data to continuously obtain the lowest rates for our clients and maximize the effectiveness of your self-funded plan.


APA helps employees get the care they need by providing reviews and referrals informed by clinical professionals, utilization data and quality guidelines

Fraud Protection

Ongoing bill audits and human oversight minimize waste, prevent policy abuse and reduce errors and cost discrepancies.

Group Discounts + Negotiations

APA extends payment plan flexibility on a choice of in-network and out-of-network claims, driving costs lower.

Compliance Management

The constantly changing complexities of federal requirements can be a burden with consequences.
APA manages regulatory and compliance changes and additions, so you don’t have to. 

With APA as your TPA, you have peace-of-mind knowing that you’re current on HIPAA privacy and protection rules, data security and other
regulations that are important considerations in the world of healthcare.

You need:

A Healthcare Support Team Who Cares

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With APA, You Get:

Seamless Integration

Avoid disruptions to member coverage with a smooth transition to your self-funded cost-saving health plan.

Plan Performance Tracking & Insights

Get instant access to your plan history, analytics and predictive forecasting through your personal plan portal.

Comprehensive Clinical Support

Gain access to quality care from physicians, hospitals and other medical professionals while reducing healthcare costs and OOP expenses.

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Your helping hand in healthcare.

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